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Unlock the Future of Rebar Cage Construction

Introducing The Badger Grip Clip!

Benefits & Features

From speed and efficiency to cost savings and durability, learn why the Badger Grip Clip is the best option for your future projects.

About The Team

Meet our Visionary Catalyst, Gloria, and the Maverick Metal Maestro, Travis.

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Place your order for a pack of 12, 100, 250 or a custom order depending on your project needs.

About The Badger Grip Clip

Are you tired of the inefficiencies and cost overruns associated with traditional wire tying methods in concrete construction? Say hello to the Badger Grip Clip, your solution to a faster, more cost-effective rebar cage assembly process.

Speed & Efficiency

Cost Savings

Durability You Can Trust

Versatile Application

Quality Assurance

Don't settle for oudated rebar tying methods.

The Badger Grip Clip is designed for securely assembling rebar cages for concrete structures. Crafted from heat-treated metal, this clip offers exceptional strength and durability. Its surface finish is mineral oil, ensuring smooth operation.

Embrace the future of construction with the Badger Grip Clip, your partner for faster, more efficient, and cost-effective projects. Say goodbye to project delays and overblown budgets. Say hello to the Badger Grip Clip, your ticket to success in concrete construction.